Thermostats & Control

JK’s in-ground underfloor heating system is suitable for all brands of heating control systems. Our UFH system can be combined with all type of thermostats whereby we recommend to use a control system which support overall health, comfort and energy usage. Quality, Reliability and technical excellence are of course aspects to take in concideration by making a decision.

Temperature control systems are basically the brains of a heating system. Since heating and hot water accounting for about 70% to 90% of all energy consumption within a house, it shows the importancy of an appropriate controle system. Programmable time slots, remote control and ‘smart’ support enables an excellent house climate at all times. Whether the occupant is at work, on the road, in the tube, in the pub or even on holiday. Control at any time at any place.

UFH & Zone schedule

Underfloor heating systems are very suitable to be zoned. Different rooms separately controlled is possible with a UFH system since it uses separate circuits. Those circuits can be controlled differently and thus the more zones, the more thermostat controls can be used. It is important to consider ‘living areas’, such as kitchen, living room, lounge and dining room all separate, to achieve the most from the heating system in both comfort and efficiency. A separate thermostat in all rooms may sound ideal, however take in mind that a separate control in a ensuite or toilet may cause full activation of the boiler which can make it costly and decreases the efficiency of the heating system.

Compare a temperature control system with the electricity control system in a house. Electricity is controlled in a house with many light switches and socket switches to ensure a efficient electricity usage. So it a temperature control system; ‘the more controls (thermostats), the more efficient’, and is saving money. However, take in mind that a balance between simpleness and effectiveness will enabel to remain in control of comfort levels.

Thermostat Features

The biggest advantage is found by combing a eco-friendly underfloor heating system with a smart control system, which achieves genuine heating comfort.

Nowadays thermostats are featured with many functions such as auto schedule, auto away, remote control and hot water control functions. The common purpose of all the re-designed, re-developed and ultra-high technology systems is to control time and temperature more accurately, which is essential to achieve optimzing of energy efficiency. Thermostats do genearlly work with the existing heating systems and can also control the underfloor heating system. There is no need to change your energy supplier, and also renewable energy sources are ideal to combine with a LTH system. Below a brief overview of usefull features which may be helpfull by choosing the right system.

Smart Control Devices
Due to ongoing research and development, thermostats become this days more clever, the smart thermostats have proven to save even more on your energy costs by increasing the efficiency of the heat source and time settings in the house. Those new innovative products are also designed to make the thermostats easier to use and it may provide a total heating control solution for both Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and Heating applications. The solution in a house may sometimes be simple, or it can be more sophisticated.

For instance, JK’s in-ground UFH system can be controlled as a one zone system, however, a complete customized UFH floor plan with an zone schedule which serves the needs of occupants may require a 2, 3 or even a 15 zone channelled system. How more zones, how more important it becomes to have a sufficient control device. An ‘smart control device’ may be essential in this scenario since they may learn the preferred temperatures and programs itself over a time.

Remote Control Function
Remote monitoring of heat systems is an recent developing which is perceived as convenient, cost saving and improves level of living comfort.

Boilers, heat pump, solar systems and heating distributors as radiators and underfloor

heating systems can be controlled with a online communication system.

Thermostat with remote control function, the thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi and the temperature can be controlled from a distance at all times with a smart phone, tablet or laptop. Some thermostats are even designed with a ‘geolocation’ service, what means that based on smartphone or online device location, the thermostat send a reminder to the user to ensure activation of the heating system before coming home. Control systems are supported by Android, Windows and iTunes software.

Floor Sensor
Floor sensors are a desirable feature in cases the floor finisher as solid wood, engineered wood or particular types of vinyl flooring is subject to a maximum floor surface temperature. JK’s in-ground underfloor heating system is a Low Temperature Heating (LTH) system what means that the settings are adjustable for all type of floor finisher. However overheating the floor with a few degrees on regular basis may cause damage to the floor finisher. A floor sensor which measured the actual floor surface temperature is a ideal way of controlling and monitoring the UFH system and protecting the floor finishing from potential damage.

Beside features is stylish design also trending these days and there is broad variety of systems on the market divided in two categories; Wired which are mains powered or Wireless which are battery powered.

A range of hihgly sophisticated thermostats which can be used to control JK’s in-ground UFH system are from the brands; Danfoss; Heatmiser; Honeywell; Drayton; Aura; British Gas; Horstmann; Vaillant; Nest. All those brands are manufactured or well presented in the United Kingdom, and majority of plumbers, electricians and building and pluming suppliers are familiar with those control systems.